Can i get a word document back?

Answer If you have the auto save feature turned on. You can close out of Microsoft Word and then re-open it. Anything that you were working on that was interrupted in the middle of the document (due to er... Read More »

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How do I get the Word toolbar back in Office 97?

Restoring ToolbarsOpen Microsoft Word 97. Open an existing document or a new one. Click on "View > Toolbars" from the top menu bar. Click on the toolbar that you would like to restore. Another way ... Read More »

How to Get Back a Word Document Which Was Not Saved?

It may be possible to recover a Microsoft Word document that you did not physically save to a disk or folder on your computer. Be aware, however, that Microsoft constantly upgrades both its Windows... Read More »

How to Create Pin Back Buttons Using Word?

The pin back button remembers the paths for regularly used files in Microsoft applications. The files are pinned to the task bar for easy accessibility. All Microsoft applications, including Word, ... Read More »

I erased my Microsoft Word, how can i get it back?

Microsoft Word either a) use your original windows disk and reinstall it orb) go to, find microsoft, find Word, click download free 2003 trial