How to Do the Jerk?

Answer So you know how everyone is doing this dance all the time and everyone you know knows how but you can't?

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How to Jerk?

Rejecting for a crowdTeach me how to jerkTeach me, teach me how to jerkTeach me how to jerkTeach me, teach me how to jerkThe Jerk is a dance movement popularized by the song "You're a Jerk" by New ... Read More »

When I jerk off?

Why is my PC such a boring jerk?

Macs are the herion-addicted spawn of George W Bush and Tony Blair.--Shinigami Ceiling Cat

How to Ignore a Jerk?

From the office jerk, to the jerk you once dated, inconsiderate people are everywhere! Jerks can be young and old, male or female, and from all walks of life. Since you can't change a jerk's behav... Read More »