What is the word for Fear of Dentist?

Answer Odontophobia or Dentophobia.

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What is another word for a word jumble?

A word jumble is also known as a word scramble, a word puzzle, or an anagram. It is a puzzle in which a selection of apparently random letters can be rearranged to form a word.More Information:Ency... Read More »

Did Quantum Leap use the word conundrum as their secret code word or was it another similar show?

What is another word for latitude?

Lines of latitude are imaginary circles around the Earth parallel to each other and to the Equator (0 degrees latitude). These lines are alternatively called parallels. Lines of longitude, also cal... Read More »

What is another word for drupelet?

I'm not sure of a synonym for it, but drupelets are rasberries and blackberries.