Can someone explain to me what does the word tax mean?

Answer In the USA the Federal Government collects a percentage of your income as taxesSo does the state you live in. Taxes are used to keep the government running. Pays Government employees salaries, r... Read More »

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Explain the Main Parts of MS Word?

Microsoft Word is the word processing software included in every version of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It is by far the most used word processor, and its .doc and .docx files are able... Read More »

How to Explain Fraction Word Problems For the 3rd Grade?

By the third grade, your students are expanding their knowledge of basic arithmetic to include real-world applications in word problems. These exercises can also increase their verbal skills. Howev... Read More »

What do you think is better among the choices below Explain ur choices in a word or a line?

1. Eazy e for sure. The godfather of gangsta rap. Maybe not as skilled but WAY more influential, charismatic, successful and imo makes better music. Nobody has ever influenced me as much as him. He... Read More »

Explain the various techniqs for animation in multimedia also explain how a multimedia packeg to be desined foe awarenss use for internet?

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