What is another way to copy without the mouse?

Answer Ctrl +C = CopyCtrl + V = Paste

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How can i cut and copy without a mouse?

Go buy a mouse! It aint like you cant find one for less than 5 bucks!

How does I press "copy" or "paste" on my computer keyboard without using my mouse?

Ctrl + C is copyCtrl + V is pasteCtrl + Z is undo (comes in handy)Ctrl + P is printCtrl + N opens a new Internet Explorer windowAlt + Tab lets you cycle quickly through all your open windowsThe lit... Read More »

If you use a mouse with a ball on a desk surface without a mousepad, will it damage the mouse?

No. Mouse mats are only needed to increase the friction between the mouse ball and the desk to make them operate more effectively. What your doing will not ruin the mouse.Hope this Helps!

A mouse is a mouse. more than one mouse is call mice. what do you call more then one mouse (computer mouse)?