What is another term for a bounced check?

Answer Alternative names for a bounced check include "rubber check," "dishonored check" and "bad check," according to Investopedia. A bounced check occurs when the writer of the check has insufficient fun... Read More »

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What is the fee for a bounced check?

The average bounced-check fee based on a study of 248 banks nationwide is $27.04. In addition, more banks are using a tiered structure, so the cost can quickly add up. Fees can and do vary.Source:M... Read More »

The Definition of a Bounced Check?

A bounced check is an order for payment that cannot be honored on demand due to insufficient funds in the check writer's account. When the receiver tries to deposit or cash the check, it "bounces" ... Read More »

When is a bounced check criminal?

Bouncing a check--writing a check for an amount of money the person does not have--becomes a crime when the individual purposely writes a "bad" check, according to Maine Today.ConsiderationsThe pen... Read More »

How to Handle a Bounced Check?

Checking account holders write checks to pay for goods or services, and the monies behind these checks must be in a checking account to cover check amounts written. If your checking account lacks s... Read More »