What is another term for 100 shares of stock?

Answer 100 shares of stock are called a round lot. Stock is typically traded in units of 100 shares. A round lot may also be referred to as an even lot, full lot or normal trading unit. Anything less than... Read More »

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How many million shares of stock are traded on the New York Stock Exchange daily?

About 2,000 million exchanges are made every day on the New York Stock Exchange. In March 2010, the average daily volume was 2,128,546,521 shares traded daily. The number of shares traded changes e... Read More »

How to Buy USA Stock Shares?

Long ago, the stock market was only for the very wealthy; but with the introduction of the Internet and its hundreds of Web sites that enable the purchase of shares of stock in USA companies, trans... Read More »

How do I buy USA stock shares?

Buy SharesContact a broker who is directly connected with the major American stock exchanges. Give instructions to the broker to order the stocks you want. Normally, brokers collect a fee for each ... Read More »

401(k) vs. Shares of Stock?

A 401k is a retirement vehicle that holds shares of stocks, bonds or mutual funds. You may own shares of stocks within a 401k if stocks are an asset allocation choice.