Another injury. Please help! MAJOR INMORTANT!!!?

Answer Sounds like a pulled muscle, rest for a few days and use heat packs, NOT ICE, and if its no better by Monday go to your doctor.t

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ANOTHER JOKE - please can I have a star if you think it's funny?

Has anybody used the Jeff Paul's Shortcut to Internet Millions Is this another scam Please let me know.?

He is on the Rip Off Report, so moet likely someone you want to avoid...Jeff Paul Systems advertises on television as a homebased business opportunity that is turnkey, using a proven product and st... Read More »

I had an anxiety/panic attack earlier on tonight, now an hour later I've woken and had another, please help?

In through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe like this slowly and focus only on your breathing. Tell yourself you are fine and you will calm down. Kava tea is amazing. The only tea I've... Read More »

I own a hp pavilion a1102n and want 2 install another internal hard drive but don't know which 1 help please!!?…Acording to specifications above, your new hard drive must be SATA(serial ATA). So from your question only 1 HDD will be usefull since second one have a d... Read More »