Looking for a quote for a tattoo..Please help!!?

Answer What I have found is that you don't want other people finding the right things for you. It ruins it. I know its harder and you may not find the right quote or whatever, but if you find it yourself,... Read More »

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I want a quote in my myspace status!! help please!!!!!!!!!!!?

There is a fine line between a crush and loveLove is like playing the piano; first you must learn to play by the rules, then you forget the rules and play from your heartSometimes I wonder if Life ... Read More »

Where is the quote this is typical of you Hilary always defending mugabe from it was on a comedy show and i cant think who said it or what show its on please help?

Love this quote! But it was in fact Jack Whithall on 8 Out Of 10 Cats S07E12. Probs the best episode with David Mitchell, Claudia Winkleman and Ken Livingston. Sorry to correct but I think that it ... Read More »

Is it legal for an insurance company to raise rates if you are simply calling for a quote to determine the cost of another driver on your policy but have not officially placed that person on it yet?

Answer Maybe the agent saw something that had been overlooked and that caused your rates to go up. Check with a different company. Shop around for rates and see what you can get. If you think the a... Read More »

Another injury. Please help! MAJOR INMORTANT!!!?

Sounds like a pulled muscle, rest for a few days and use heat packs, NOT ICE, and if its no better by Monday go to your doctor.t