~~ Can you tell me a song about missing someone OR loosing someone , you loved?

Answer Ooooo Mizz♥DizzGreat Garth Brooks song which i know your Sis loved.Mine? one of the best saddest/haunting songs is the one i have posted on my profile…Et... Read More »

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How to Deal With Missing Someone?

If you miss somebody, there are many ways to deal with it.

Find interestinggg if your missing someone?

She means go to the Interesting! button and star this question if you miss someone right now! So if you miss someone star this question

Can missing someone give you physical symptoms?

Yes.Headaches, upset stomachs, muscle tension, lower moods, other physical symptoms caused by anxiety and stress, etc are common.

The icons on my desktop is missing can someone help?

What you need to do is locate the *.exe that you want to have an Icon on your desktop for, then you right click that *.EXE and select 'Create Shortcut' this will create a shortcut in the same folde... Read More »