What is another name for weedkillers?

Answer A weedkiller is also know as a herbicide. herbicide is a type of pesticide because weeds are also pests like insects. the most commonly used chemical in herbicide is glyphosate which comes in a man... Read More »

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The Best Weedkillers That Won't Kill Grass?

Gardeners and property owners are always looking for the best way to kill weeds in lawns without killing the grass. There are various natural methods to kill weeds that won't affect the grass. Most... Read More »

Can You Insure a Car in Another Person's Name if It Has a Loan in Your Spouse's Name?

Driving without insurance is a serious offense. Violators can face fines, lawsuits and even jail time for serious accidents. Insurance is imperative; yet adding someone to a policy when a vehicle i... Read More »

What is another name for a tv antenna?

An aerial. This is a old timie term and not used much today.

What is another name for a pacemaker?

The sinoatrial (SA) node, or the heart's "natural" pacemaker, causes the heart to beat through electrical impulses. When the SA node fails, an artificial pacemaker helps regulate the heartbeat. An ... Read More »