What is another name for painful and difficult labor?

Answer being-pregent

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What album/track do you find difficult to listen to because of painful memories it dredges up?

What causes difficult labor?

Difficult labor is commonly caused by one of the three following conditions: abnormalities in the mother's birth canal; abnormalities in the position of the fetus; or abnormalities in the labor, in... Read More »

Why is it painful when we're in labor?

you know labour is quite painful. im going to tell you guys a story about wat ive seen with labour. you know im only 15 and NOT pregnant. but if ur pregnant don't be afriad it will all be ok. its g... Read More »

How do you know your in labor if your contractions are not painful?

Labor contractions are painful and you can't ignore them. If they are not painful then they are just Braxton Hicks.