What is another name for kale?

Answer "boodle", "borecole", "brassica oleracea acephala", "bread", "cabbage", "clams", "cole", "colewort", "dinero", "dough", "gelt", "kail", "lettuce", "lolly", "loot", "lucre", "moolah", "pelf", "scrat... Read More »

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What is another name for a lounge?

What?!? Is there such a thing as a "family" nightclub? The very idea of a Nightclub is that it's someplace you go at night, when children are in bed. Most nightclubs are 21+ because they serve alc... Read More »

What is another name for a military hat?

There are many military hats. One common hat is the "billed cap" (flat cap, patrol cap), similar to a baseball cap, with the appropriate logo. Other military hats include the "slouch hat," made fam... Read More »

What is the another name of photography?