What is another name for a verbena plant?

Answer Sunmarivani   BALAZREVE

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How do I plant verbena?

Site PreparationChoose a planting site with full sun and well-draining soil; if the soil quality is poor, add compost or peat moss to improve the health of the plants. When selecting a location, ke... Read More »

Verbena Plant Types?

Verbena belongs to a plant family with more than 250 species of annual or perennial flowering plants. The plants are herbaceous with semi-woody branches and are native to North and South America. S... Read More »

How to Companion Plant Lemon Verbena?

Lemon Verbena, which is also called Aloysia triphylla, is an annual in most regions but is a perennial plant in extreme southern portions of the United States. It produces tall, spiky, white flower... Read More »

What is the botanical name for lemon verbena?

The botanical name for lemon verbena is Aloysia triphylla. The genus honors Princess Louisa of Parma, the wife of Spanish King Carlos IV. "Aloysia" is a latinized form of her name. Spanish explorer... Read More »