What is another name for a hard fruit covering?

Answer nut kernel

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Can you germinate seeds by taking off the hard shell or covering?

no.... mother nature set them up the way they are for a reason..... you do not have a 'better idea' than hers.....

The GLEE kids are covering a Toby Keith song. Could it suck so hard the resulting black hole devours the Earth?

It sucks so hard it puts Jerry Sandusky to shame.*

Pear Trees With Hard Woody Fruit?

For pear pickers or shoppers who want a hardy, crunchy, woody textured pear instead of a soft buttery one, look at the pear's skin. Usually a pear with grainier skin introduces the woodier flesh wi... Read More »

Babbu kosa is a fruit having green colour on its outer part. What do we say this fruit in english?

depends what language you are trying to translate from....?