What is another name for a baby seal?

Answer A baby seal is called a pup. Depending on the species, seals mate either on land or in the water, but they give birth on land. There are 33 known species of seals in the world. Some have become nea... Read More »

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How to Make a Better Seal on a Mansfield Toilet Fill Valve Seal?

The Mansfield toilet fill valve uses two seal discs in the top of the valve to stop the water when the tank reaches the full mark. If your toilet is constantly running, you must make adjustments to... Read More »

Would the secret service protect a president if he commits treason by knowing the seal of Solomon commands demons and Mecca is in the middle of the seal?

I would say yes because he is Innocent until hes found guilty if hes found gulity then he would be sent to Leavenworth

In the word Navy SEAL what is the acronym of SEAL?

What does the SEAL stand for in Navy SEAL?

SEa Air Land that is what the name represents. These are the environments in which the SEALs operate.