What is another name for a baby seal?

Answer A baby seal is called a pup. Depending on the species, seals mate either on land or in the water, but they give birth on land. There are 33 known species of seals in the world. Some have become nea... Read More »

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What is another name for a baby goat?

Baby goats commonly are called kids, according to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Many farmers and commercial goat ranchers further distinguish female goat kids as doelings and intact mal... Read More »

Another Baby Name Game...?

1) Joseph Michael 2) The Ivy (posh London restauraunt) 3) Alnwick Castle, UK (Used to film hogwarts)4) Maid of Honour-Lara. Bridesmaids-Louise, Kayleigh, Holly, Chrissy & Lucy. Bestmen-Peter & Dan... Read More »

Can a navy seal go have another kid with who is not his wifes kid?

Do you mean "Can a SEAL have a kid with another woman, even though he is married?" The answer to that is no. Adultery is a crime in the military that can be punished under UCMJ. However, it is ver... Read More »

Another Baby poll. Do you wish or would you like to have a New Years Baby?

I think I'd rather have a baby when it wasn't a holiday! My dad's birthday is the 28th December, and he's always felt like his birthday celebrations have been overshadowed by Christmas and New Year... Read More »