Can you name a movie that deserved all the praise and attention as another movie?

Answer As a dark Comedies, which is one of my favorite type....Movies like "Little Miss Sunshine" (Which moved to my top 10 movies list), "Juno" and "Ghost"...i think the movie "S1m0ne" should get praise ... Read More »

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Just saw a movie with Jill Clayburgh recent one Played opposite another actor who looks like Dr Phil Comedy about two people 60ish trying to decide if they want to get serious Movie name?

What is a good movie camera with a good price?

Canon HV30. Not 3CCD, but 24p and 30p; standard definition and high definition and has a mic jack (and manual audio control).Next choice is the Sony HDR-HC9. Not 3CCD, no 24p and 30p; standard defi... Read More »

How to Reenact Another Movie?

Are you finding yourself more and more bored with that book you got a week ago? Got nothing to do with you friends? Check out these steps on how to have some fun with your camera/camcorder.

Another superman movie!?

Once I had profound love for Superman Series. But, so many superheros emerge over time. Now, I don't feel that much thrill for Superman anymore.