What is anodized coated aluminum in cooking pans?

Answer Anodizing, a method of thickening an aluminum alloy, provides a stronger cooking pan that also keeps more acidic foods tasting like themselves instead of the aluminum pan that cooked them.PurposeAn... Read More »

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What is anodized coated aluminum?

The physical properties of aluminum can be altered through a process known as anodizing. Due to its strength, durability and ability to be colored, anodized aluminum has diverse applications, being... Read More »

Are Pampered Chef pans anodized aluminum?

Pampered Chef's Executive Cookware line uses hard-anodized aluminum construction. The line includes a stockpot, grill press, stir-fry pan, skillet, sauté pans, griddles and multi-piece sets. All p... Read More »

How do I clean Teflon-coated pans?

Use a dishcloth or sponge and hot soapy water to wash a Teflon-coated pan. Wash the pan after each use, once it has cooled. If a thin layer of oil has baked into the Teflon pan, simply scrub a bit ... Read More »

Are Teflon-coated frying pans healthy to use?

Teflon-coated frying pans are healthy to use as long as they're not misused. If the Teflon gets up to 600 degrees (which may happen if a pan is left unattended on a hot burner) it releases harmful... Read More »