What is annuity income?

Answer Annuity income is based on payments you receive from your annuity contract. You may purchase an annuity contract from an insurance company and certain financial institutions. The income may depend ... Read More »

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Taxation of Annuity Income?

Annuities are a type of insurance contract designed and sold by life insurance companies. An annuity makes regular payments to an insured individual in exchange for either regular contributions ove... Read More »

What is an income growth annuity?

An income growth annuity refers to a deferred annuity where the investor is taking part of the earnings as income while trying to increase the value of the annuity with the remaining assets. Invest... Read More »

Can you rollover a 401(k) into an immediate income annuity?

Yes. You can roll over a 401k or other qualified retirement plan into an immediate income annuity. The immediate income annuity should be titled as an IRA to ensure there is no taxable distribution... Read More »

403(b) Annuity Fixed Income Contract Rules?

A teacher's retirement plan provides benefits that are just not found with most other retirement plans. A pension plan serves as the basic retirement benefit funded by the employer. But you also ha... Read More »