What is black angus beef?

Answer Restaurants and supermarkets revere black angus beef for its tenderness and better taste. Its reputation is based on rigorous quality standards and its certification process as well as superior ma... Read More »

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What is the very cheapest possible cut of beef money can buy (shin beef)(beef skirt)ect?

The cheapest cut of beef are those flank, shank, round and butt which is less than $2.00 a pound and even cheaper if on sale *

What else can i put in beef stew besides beef carrots and potato, and onion?

Mix and match any of these:Barleysmall pastameatballsceleryturnipceleriaccabbageleeksrutabegaGuinnessred wineV8 or Bloody Mary mixMushrooms (last 15 minutes, or they get terribly waterloged)jalepen... Read More »

What is a black Angus?

A black Angus is a European breed of cattle that has become known as not only a high-quality beef, but a highly profitable breed in the cattle industry.HistoryThe black Angus was created by selecti... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Angus?

Angus is an Anglicized version of the Scottish and Irish name Aonghus. Aonghus is believed to mean "one strength" as it is possibly derived from the Irish word "oen" which means one and "gus" which... Read More »