Are Anglo American& Anglo European the same?

Answer “Anglos” is derived from Angles, a Germanic tribe originating between Saxony and Denmark and similar to the Jutes and Saxons (Anglo-Saxons settled most of England). Some of the earliest Englis... Read More »

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What is Anglo-American capitalism?

According to Global Asia, Anglo-American capitalism was first mentioned as a concept by writer Friedrich von Hayek in the 1930s as a response to the ideas of state control of people's lives espouse... Read More »

How to Play Chords on an Anglo Saxon Lyre?

This article needs to be converted to wikiHow format. You can help by editing it now and then removing this notice. Notice added on 2012-06-03.The Anglo Saxon lyre is an string instrument played by... Read More »

How did the Anglo-Saxon religion differ from Christianity?

Britain has been a Christian nation for more than a thousand years. However, previous to the arrival of Roman Christians, the people of Britain, including the Germanic Anglo-Saxons, were pagan.Hist... Read More »

What type of art was made in Anglo-Saxon England?

Artists in Anglo-Saxon England focused their efforts on metalwork, including painted ornaments, accessories, jewelry and coins. Brooches, belt buckles and enamelled portraits depicting royalty, fol... Read More »