What is and the difference of Studio Makeup/Foundation?

Answer The only makeup brand I know that has a Studio line is MAC. They have a ton of foundations and concealers in their Studio line, and with my own experience, they're all good.Typically when a makeup ... Read More »

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What is the difference between studio and monitor headphones?

I'm guessing that Monitor headphones are used for monitoring regardless of context. Yet studio headphones are also Monitoring headphones yet at a suitable quality for studio use. This is slightly ... Read More »

Anyone know the big difference between Beats by Dre Solo HD and Studio?

No way in hell is a pair of headphones worth more than $200. Just buy a $5 pair of ear phones and it will do the same functional job, you just won't have the 'fashion statement' bullcrap. It's all ... Read More »

Difference Between Autodesk Maya & 3D Studio Max?

3DS Max and Maya are two highly sophisticated 3D modeling and animation programs developed by Autodesk. Anyone interested in becoming a professional animator will more than likely work with at leas... Read More »

Is there a sound difference between Dr Dre's Solo and Studio beats?

Not really. Both are fashion accessories masqueraded as "audio equipment", marketed for gullible teenagers who do NOT know a single thing about REAL audio quality.If REAL quality is an issue, you s... Read More »