What is and how does compost work?

Answer [1] Compost is the breakdown of materials into carbon and nitrogen. Both are present in fertile, healthy soil that is rich in organic material and that has enough air and water pore spaces. So comp... Read More »

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How does a compost pile work?

its a mix of organic molecules which slowly break down releasing nutrients such a nitrogen of phosphorus into the soil which can then be used by plants and other organisms. it also has a beneficiel... Read More »

What does compost contain?

Compost, well my papa's one had like strawberry leaves, bannana peels, egg shells and so on.

What does compost do for the world?

Compost decreases the amount of solid waste that goes into landfills. For it's the result of the breakdown of such compostable materials as kitchen scraps other than dairy, greasey and oily, and me... Read More »

What does compost mean?

Compost is when plants and animal decompose and turn into soil.For anyone with a garden a compost bin, or compost heap, is an excellent way to keep kitchen and garden scraps out of landfill where t... Read More »