What is and How do you use Quantum Elbowology?

Answer It doesn't exist.Just a made-up term by skeptics trying to make fun of Alt Med. So, they don't believe anything in the "quantum" field, and the word "elbow" is a big hint.Go back and read a few of... Read More »

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Quantum Elbowology - why the negativity?

Yoga has never hurt anybody, ever, but has saved many thousands of lives from the scourges of leprosy, bubonic plague and random decapitation. Even Her Majesty the Queen (gord bless 'er!) actually ... Read More »

Quantum Elbowology and charka alignment?

Yep, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with you too Rhianna. For instance:a) Have you tried it? I bet you haven't!b) Can you show me peer-reviewed, double blind trials that it doesn't work?c... Read More »

What does quantum mean in quantum physics?

"Quantum" is a Latin word that means a specified portion or something that can be measured. This is applicable to quantum physics because it was originally the study of how energy had to move up a ... Read More »

What is a Ph.D. in quantum physics?

Ph.D. is an acronym for doctor of philosophy, the highest degree awarded to a collegiate graduate. A scientist with a Ph.D. in quantum physics studies the modern branch of physics, discovered by Al... Read More »