What is an xbox hard drive?

Answer The Xbox 360's detachable hard drive acts as a storage space for all of the user's save files. These files can include downloaded games, game save files, video media, and music files.FunctionXbox 3... Read More »

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Can you replace the actual hard drive inside the Xbox 360 hard drive?

Yes, you can replace or upgrade the hard drive in your Xbox 360. Microsoft's Xbox Support website has several tutorials that will help you to change or upgrade your system.Source:Microsoft: Xbox 3... Read More »

What is the smallest Xbox 360 hard drive?

Microsoft's Xbox 360's smallest hard drive has 20 GB of free space, which users can use to save game data, play online and download game demos, videos and video games from the Xbox Live Marketplace... Read More »

What kind of hard drive is inside of an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 does not use an internal hard drive. Instead, all versions of the Xbox 360 include 512 MB of internal flash memory (half of which is used once you update your Xbox). Other storage opti... Read More »

What is the xbox 360 premium hard drive size?

The normal Xbox 360 premium (called Elite) comes with a 360 gigabyte hard drive, while the Arcade version has 256 megabytes of space, according to Microsoft. However, some promotional versions may ... Read More »