What is an underdrive?

Answer In the broadest possible context, underdrives can be found in practically every type of machine on the planet. This configuration can be adopted for many reasons, but it is usually done to increase... Read More »

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What Is an Underdrive Pulley?

Since the federal government began regulating engine modification, enthusiasts have had to become much more creative in finding a means to emissions legal power. Underdrive pulleys are one such 50-... Read More »

What Is the Underdrive in a Transfer Case?

A transfer case's main function is to allow the user to send 50 percent of the engine's power to the front axle, without which four-wheel-drive would be impossible. Many transfer cases serve anoth... Read More »

How to Install an Underdrive Pulley?

Every car engine uses a number of pulleys to drive components such as the fan and the air conditioning. These components are driven by a belt that in turn is driven by the engine's crankshaft. The ... Read More »

The Pros & Cons of an Underdrive Pulley?

Underdrive pulleys on vehicles have been around since the 1950s, commonly mounted on street performance hot rods, and much later on the Ford Mustang. Underdrive pulleys, when applied to the accesso... Read More »