Ultra Sound Technology Schools?

Answer Medical imaging is broad term for diagnostic aids that look inside the human body, use various technologies to make usable images of what they find. One of these technologies is ultrasound, more pr... Read More »

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Altivan 1mg should i take before my ultra sound for prostate?

Absolutely! Take it and feel good! You'll be so cool as a cucumber you won't worry about a thing. :)

How long would you have to go to collage to do ultra sound?

Should i prepare for a testicular ultra sound?

No, you don't need to fast as far as I know. Fasting is only essential if you're having ultra sound for Abdomen, which foods might interfere with the result.A nurse will apply ultrasound gel to you... Read More »

When the baby legs are crossed during the ultra sound does that mean your having a boy or girl?

That is what we call the fetal position, we can detect their sex if you try to scan the genital area.