What is an orgasm and how exactly does it feel?

Answer An orgasm is all the things you feel and all the things that happen with your body at the peak of sexual arousal and pleasure. It's a reflex we're all born with (just like knee jerks and sneezes) ... Read More »

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What does an orgasm feel like for a woman?

your body starts to shake and tingle and then when you climax it feels like you're going to pee but it's the natural excretion of fluids and it feels oh so good

What exactly does it feel like to deliver a baby ?

About a week before I went into labor, I was having cramps (felt like period cramps) eriodically throughout the day. My ankles became very swollen and I was drinking water like nobody's business. ... Read More »

How do you know when you are drunk exactly How does it feel like?

1. A little tipsy. 2 drinks. Things are funnier. They actually aren't, but you think they are. You're relaxed. Conversation comes easy. Other than having to pee more often, you don't feel much diff... Read More »

I feel like I'm having a heart attack during orgasm?

Interesting response.Try tantric practices are breathing through your orgasm so that you get enough oxygen to avoid feeling sick.However be aware women get a wide variety of responses from orgasm, ... Read More »