What is an organization's financial statement information used for?

Answer Nonprofit and governmental organization financial statements allow members of the public to track the operating expenses, activities, funding sources, salaries, and total assets of reporting entiti... Read More »

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What is a financial statement for non-profit organizations?

Nonprofit organizations disclose their financial results much like for-profits do. They issue annual reports and required financial statements, and may also report other fiscal details.Annual Repor... Read More »

What Is an Annual Financial Information Statement?

An annual financial information statement is a document that details the income and expenses of a household or business during a one-year period. Annual financial information statements generally i... Read More »

Limitations of Financial Statement Information?

Public companies must release financial statements. Public company financial statements are released annually and quarterly. These statements provide an overview of a company's performance. To prom... Read More »

Is it against the law for a POA Secretary Treasurer to deliberately provide false information in an annual POA Financial Statement?

Your question is more probably which law has been broken. Read your governing documents to determine the legal status of your association: non-profit corporation or other. Then, under the laws of ... Read More »