What is an orange garnet?

Answer Although the garnet is an ancient gem, the orange garnet is a newly discovered variety, found in Namibia, Africa, in 1993. The orange garnet is also known as the Mandarin garnet.The Origin of Orang... Read More »

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Where does garnet come from?

Although mined in many places in the world, the majority of modern garnets come from Africa. India, Russia and Central and South American countries also produce garnet. Garnets are primarily deep r... Read More »

What Is Garnet Paper?

Garnet is known most commonly as the dazzling, red-hued gem that is the birthstone for the month of January. In truth, garnet refers to a group of minerals found throughout the world, existing in m... Read More »

What is the origin of garnet?

Based on the Latin word granatus, garnet is a family of minerals that share physical and chemical properties. The mineral forms in all colors but blue, although the red garnet is the most widely re... Read More »

What is a tsavorite garnet?

Tsavorite garnets, also called green grossularite, are a type of garnet found solely in the East African nations of Tanzania and Kenya. They were discovered in 1967. Tsavorite garnets are noted for... Read More »