What is an oral presentation?

Answer An oral presentation is a verbal presentation or speech made to an audience often in a formal setting, such as in a classroom or public setting. Oral presentations are common in education.PurposeOr... Read More »

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What is an extemporaneous oral presentation?

The goal of an extemporaneous speech---also known as an extemp---is to persuade or to educate. It is meant to be brief and to the point. Many consider these types of speeches to be impromptu, but t... Read More »

Oral Presentation Instructions?

Oral presentations are frequently used in business, academic and volunteer settings as an efficient and sociable way to convey information. Delivering a successful oral presentation requires a good... Read More »

Oral Presentation Methods?

According to Time magazine, comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked about a study that found most people fear public speaking more than death. "In other words," Seinfeld said, "at a funeral, the average... Read More »

Stages of an Oral Presentation?

Many people dislike public speaking and feel nervous when facing other people in oral presentations. You can control this anxiety by carefully planning and preparing for the different stages of you... Read More »