What is an option to purchase agreement?

Answer Some people face challenges when trying to own property, and they might choose an "option to purchase agreement." These agreements include real estate purchases, and they can benefit buyers and sel... Read More »

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What is a good option&purchase agreement for screenplays?

If a film producer, director or company wants to purchase or option a writer's screenplay, a good option or purchase agreement is necessary for both parties. Knowing what is needed will save a writ... Read More »

Can a car bought under a hire purchase agreement be insured by anyone other than the person who signed the hire purchase agreement?

Well this policy depends upon the company you choose for car hire. In most of the case you will not find this type of option. One more option is you can directly contact the desired company. You ca... Read More »

LLC Option Agreement?

An limited liability company (LLC) is a type of business structure that does not place restrictions on the number of owners the company may have. These kinds of companies often provide shares of st... Read More »

Employee Stock Option Agreement?

Common stock, partial ownership and control of a company, is an important vehicle for investment. But, the issuance of stock, or the option to buy stock, has also become an important form of compen... Read More »