What is an operating room technician?

Answer In the theater of surgical operations, the surgeons are the stars ultimately responsible for the life of the patient. The nurses play a supporting role in guaranteeing success. But both rely on the... Read More »

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Operating Room Technician Schools?

Students seeking an accredited school that offers training for operating room technicians, commonly referred to as surgical technologists, or "scrubs," have hundreds of options available to them ac... Read More »

Operating Room Technician Schools in Florida?

Operating room technicians are commonly referred to as surgical technicians or surgical technologists. They work primarily in hospital operating rooms or delivery rooms and assist during surgical o... Read More »

What is an operating room?

An operating room is a sterile space where surgery is performed, usually within a hospital or other medical care facility. Because the human body can be susceptible to disease when opened to the ou... Read More »

What is the cost of using the operating room?

Answer Suppose that depends on what you are doing in there, if you really want to know contact the hospital you are referring to and ask.