What is an onion stem called?

Answer An onion stem.

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What kind of underground stem does an onion have?

Fried red cabbage with onion, apple, & vinegar Anybody know what the dish is called or have a recipe?

I don't know the name but mine starts with bacon like this one:… they call it Rotkohl which is just red cabbage in German. I just start by frying three st... Read More »

How many stem cells are there in a stem cell line?

A stem cell line is created when a fertilized egg splits into individual cells. According to the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah, a single cell will continue to divide and... Read More »

Cheese and onion and Cheese and onion crisps?

hi zack they put so much artificial ingredients in them to keep them fresh, they might taste good to u but so bad for u hope this helped