What is an octave mandolin?

Answer The octave mandolin's longer, larger body, as compared to a mandolin, allows it to be tuned to a lower voice. It is good for playing songs and is used often in Celtic music.TypesAn octave mandolin ... Read More »

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Difference Between a Cittern & an Octave Mandolin?

The cittern and octave mandolin are close members in the large family of stringed instruments, but they have some distinct differences. Having evolved over the course of hundreds of years, both ins... Read More »

What is an octave Greek bouzouki?

An octave Greek bouzouki is a traditional Greek instrument. Similar in size to a guitar, the bouzouki is derived from the lute. The bouzouki is often confused with the octave mandolin, which is lar... Read More »

What is a mandolin in a kitchen?

A kitchen mandolin (sometimes spelled mandoline) is a useful tool which makes quick work of cutting, slicing and shredding of fruits and vegetables. It is especially helpful when preparing hors d'o... Read More »

What is a mandolin slicer? states that a mandolin slicer is a kitchen utensil used for cutting foods like vegetables, cheeses and fruits into slices of varying thicknesses. Salad ingredients and potato chips a... Read More »