What is an octave mandolin?

Answer The octave mandolin's longer, larger body, as compared to a mandolin, allows it to be tuned to a lower voice. It is good for playing songs and is used often in Celtic music.TypesAn octave mandolin ... Read More »

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Difference Between a Cittern & an Octave Mandolin?

The cittern and octave mandolin are close members in the large family of stringed instruments, but they have some distinct differences. Having evolved over the course of hundreds of years, both ins... Read More »

How to Octave on Two Guitars?

Several interesting effects can be created with two guitarists playing at once. Harmonies are among the most common of these effects. Octaves are one of the more basic and simple to create harmonie... Read More »

How many hertz are in an octave?

The number of hertz in an octave is not a fixed number but a geometric interval. The second note of an octave is twice that of the first. For example, middle A is 440 Hz and low A is 220 Hz.Source:... Read More »

How do i keep an octave in an alto sax?

Press the thumb key on the back of the alto saxophone. This is the only thumb-operated key on an alto saxophone, according the Woodwind Fingering Guide. It opens a small valve on the neck of the sa... Read More »