What is an octave Greek bouzouki?

Answer An octave Greek bouzouki is a traditional Greek instrument. Similar in size to a guitar, the bouzouki is derived from the lute. The bouzouki is often confused with the octave mandolin, which is lar... Read More »

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What is a bouzouki made of?

Bouzoukis are stringed musical instruments originating from Greece. Bouzoukis are carved from wood, though bouzouki makers replaced that material with turtle shells, gourds or anything else that co... Read More »

What is an octave mandolin?

The octave mandolin's longer, larger body, as compared to a mandolin, allows it to be tuned to a lower voice. It is good for playing songs and is used often in Celtic music.TypesAn octave mandolin ... Read More »

How is the bouzouki played?

The bouzouki is a traditional Greek stringed instrument that is a member of the lute family. Similar in appearance to a large mandolin, and the size of a guitar, the bouzouki is also used in folk m... Read More »

How to Octave on Two Guitars?

Several interesting effects can be created with two guitarists playing at once. Harmonies are among the most common of these effects. Octaves are one of the more basic and simple to create harmonie... Read More »