What is an octave Greek bouzouki?

Answer An octave Greek bouzouki is a traditional Greek instrument. Similar in size to a guitar, the bouzouki is derived from the lute. The bouzouki is often confused with the octave mandolin, which is lar... Read More »

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How is the bouzouki played?

The bouzouki is a traditional Greek stringed instrument that is a member of the lute family. Similar in appearance to a large mandolin, and the size of a guitar, the bouzouki is also used in folk m... Read More »

What is a bouzouki made of?

Bouzoukis are stringed musical instruments originating from Greece. Bouzoukis are carved from wood, though bouzouki makers replaced that material with turtle shells, gourds or anything else that co... Read More »

How many hertz are in an octave?

The number of hertz in an octave is not a fixed number but a geometric interval. The second note of an octave is twice that of the first. For example, middle A is 440 Hz and low A is 220 Hz.Source:... Read More »

How do i keep an octave in an alto sax?

Press the thumb key on the back of the alto saxophone. This is the only thumb-operated key on an alto saxophone, according the Woodwind Fingering Guide. It opens a small valve on the neck of the sa... Read More »