What is an occupational license?

Answer An occupational license will allow a driver that has had his driver's license suspended or revoked operate a motor vehicle, with restrictions.Who is Eligible?Any person who has had a license revoke... Read More »

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Is a business license the same thing as an occupational license?

The terms "business license" and "occupational license" are used interchangeably in some cities, towns and counties. Certain areas combine the terms and offer business occupational licenses. Howeve... Read More »

Occupational License Information?

Owning or operating a business---whether a sole proprietorship or corporation---typically requires an occupational license. An occupational license is usually a local requirement with counties or c... Read More »

How to Acquire an Occupational License?

An occupational license, also called a business license, authorizes an individual or business to occupy a suitable business location. It also ensures your state or local governments that your busin... Read More »

Texas Occupational License Requirements?

Drivers in Texas who have their license suspended or revoked for offenses other than child support can file a petition for a Texas occupational license, which is a restricted driver's license that ... Read More »