What is an obstetric sonographer?

Answer An obstetric sonographer is a trained medical technician who directs sound waves at a pregnant woman's womb to create ultrasound images of the unborn baby. The U.S. Bureau of Labor groups obstetric... Read More »

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Obstetric Nursing Schools?

Obstetric nurses, or OBs, provide female patients with support, education and care concerning reproductive health. Obstetric nurses generally work with newborn infants and pregnant women, and respo... Read More »

Obstetric Ultrasound Schools?

Diagnostic medical sonographers produce visual images of blood flow, body organs, tissues and fetuses using high frequency ultrasound waves to identify abnormalities. These college trained and lice... Read More »

Obstetric Nurse Training?

Obstetric nursing is a specialty in which the patients are women who are or have been pregnant and undergone childbirth, miscarriages or stillbirth. Obstetric nurses are essential to the care of th... Read More »

What Is the Starting Pay for a Sonographer?

A diagnostic medical sonographer uses clinical imaging technology such as an x-ray machine to identify illness or disease in patients. Sonographers use imaging equipment to direct sound waves into ... Read More »