What is an llc corporation?

Answer A limited liability company (LLC) has a hybrid business structure that combines elements of a partnership with the liability protection afforded corporations. According to the IRS, LLC members may ... Read More »

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When is a corporation required to register as a foreign corporation doing business in a state?

A corporation is required to register as a foreign corporation doing business in a state when it is actively conducting business in any state other than the state that it was originally registered ... Read More »

Can a Limited Liability Corporation function without insurance and have some sort of contract signed by its client in its place to protect the Corporation?

Yes you should be. Not all general liability forms automatically add additional insureds so you need to check with your subcontractors policy. There is a web site that I have found where artisan co... Read More »

What is the difference between a public corporation and a private corporation?

Public and private corporations are common types of business entities used in the United States and Europe. They share many of the same features, benefits and disadvantages, with a few key exceptio... Read More »

How to Convert a Subchapter S Corporation to a C Corporation?

S Corporations have tax advantages over regular corporations as their income passes through the S Corporation to the shareholders, similarly as in a partnership. Over the time of the S Corporation,... Read More »