What is an ipad and what does it do And is it worth it?

Answer its basically a huge ipod touch. it does run iphone os NOT os x.Apple will have its productivity suite (iwork {pages, numbers,keynote}) available in the app store which will let you type office com... Read More »

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Is it worth upgrading to the new IPad from the IPad 2?

Faster processing power, better graphics and the cameras are, in my own opinion, are worth it. If you have no use for cameras, or only surf the net with your iPad then it's probably not worth the u... Read More »

Is it worth upgrading from iPad 1 to iPad 2?

On one hand yes, but if you want to save money I would wait until iPad 3.

Is the iPad 2 worth getting?

About 115,000 pics taken with the built-in camera, if you have no music or downloaded apps installed. Everything takes up storage space.

Is the iPad 2 really worth it?

all depends. if you have the money and don't really need anything else then get it. but if your trying to save up and its hard to get the money, then no its not worth it. I also don't think the 3g ... Read More »