What is an inverter board?

Answer An inverter board is a small circuit board found in the base of a laptop display screen. It controls the flow of power to the bulbs that light the screen. When an inverter fails, data remains disp... Read More »

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How to Fix an Inverter Board?

The monitor of your laptop or computer has a light output that is regulated by a long, thin board called the inverter. The inverter controls the flow of power from the power source of the laptop or... Read More »

What is a LCD Inverter board for?

it is for lighting a LCD screen like a backlight

How to Replace an LCD Inverter Board?

The LCD inverter is the device that gives power to the backlight for a laptop. The inverter routes the power from the backlight to the laptop's LCD screen. If your laptop screen does not turn on af... Read More »

What is a laptop inverter board?

The inverter board supplies power for the screen backlight. The voltage requirement for a screen backlight differs from the voltage supplied by the motherboard, so the inverter board performs the c... Read More »