What is an invention disclosure?

Answer Invention disclosure is the act of releasing enough information about your invention so that others may try to re-create it, according to the University of Wyoming.SignificanceInvention disclosure ... Read More »

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Process for Invention Disclosure?

One of the most important parts of the application process for a patent is the patent disclosure. As part of the process, it is required that you disclose a detailed description of the invention, i... Read More »

What is a proactive disclosure?

A frequently-asked-questions article on a Canadian departmental website defines proactive disclosure as "the mandatory requirement for all Government of Canada departments to report...information o... Read More »

What Are the Duties of Disclosure?

In any business or organization (including law offices), there are instances where employees or members have to exchange information among themselves or with clients. Whenever this is necessary, th... Read More »

What Is Non-Disclosure Law in Colorado?

In the state of Colorado, laws exist to prevent the disclosure of confidential information. Non-disclosure laws apply to information concerning the birth parents of adopted children, email communic... Read More »