What is an internet protocol number?

Answer Without Internet protocol numbers, the Internet could not function. These numbers are the reason that you can browse a website, download a file or even chat with friends around the world.Definition... Read More »

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What is IP (Internet protocol) and how do I set it up?

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What is the protocol for the Internet?

The Internet protocol suite is a set of networking standards used with local area networks, the Internet and World Wide Web. It has multiple layers that form the basis of transmitting data and allo... Read More »

Internet Protocol Identification?

Network connections and direct Internet connections require an IP address in order for the network or the Internet to send back the information you request. Computers have always needed an IP addre... Read More »

What is the primary protocol of the Internet?

While Internet has found its public "face" in the World Wide Web, the IP protocol running underneath that interface makes communication between networked systems possible.DefinitionCisco defines IP... Read More »