What is an internal wireless card?

Answer While DSL and broadband rule the Internet roost, wireless lends a real portability into going online. To be able to use a WiFi connection, though, a wireless card is necessary, and an internal wire... Read More »

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What is an internal PCI 802.11g wireless network card?

A PCI 802.11g wireless network card is a piece of computer hardware that allows for a computer to connect to and communicate over a 802.11g wireless signal. PCI cards are plugged into PCI expansion... Read More »

How to Boost a Wi-Fi Signal on an Internal Wireless Card?

A Wi-Fi card receives signals from a home network so that the device it's attached to can access the Internet. Boosting the signal of an internal Wi-Fi card ensures stable reception, but must work ... Read More »

Which wireless printer do you need for a dell laptop with an internal bluetooth card?

You can print from any bluetooth capable printer with your Dell laptop, provided that the bluetooth is enabled and you have a connection. You can furthermore make a USB printer into a bluetooth dev... Read More »

I ordered a computer a computer recently and realized there is no internal wireless card...?

A wireless card is necessary to connect to the Internet thru wifi. Since you don't have one, you can directly connect the computer to your modem with a LAN cable. But you can also get a USB wireles... Read More »