What is the internal conflict in"The Outsiders"?

Answer Ponyboy Curtis, the main character in S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders,” experiences several internal conflicts in the novel including his relationship with his brothers and his own identity. He ... Read More »

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How do I Teach Internal Conflict?

A character-driven story doesn't work without some type of internal conflict. Whether a character struggles with a choice between right and wrong, engages in a love triangle with no clear resolutio... Read More »

How did internal conflict affect US foreign policy?

It was affected because they needed food and the us helped them

List one internal and external conflict Scrooge faces in A Christmas Carol.?

external- greed, a cold heart, and the ghosts annoying him internal- he faces the regrets of his life (letting his fiancee go, being evil and greedy to Bob Cratchit, etc.)

Internal Auditor's Responsibilities As They Relate to Internal Controls?

Internal auditors ensure that a company's internal controls are effective and evaluate the way a company operates. Such auditors scrutinize the financial systems and management procedures that affe... Read More »