What is an interesting thing to look up on Wikipedia?

Answer Depends what you call interesting really, but try and get your head round 'The grandfather paradox'.

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What is the most interesting thing about rockets?

My personal opinion is that the most interesting thing about rockets is the concept of the rocket itself

The most interesting thing happened to me....?

First, if she is coughing on her own, she doesn't need the Heimlich maneuver. When someone is moving air in and out of their lungs (coughing), the body will take care of itself. The Heimlich is f... Read More »

What is something interesting youve looked up on wikipedia?

I look up a lot of interesting things in Wikipedia every day. I spent much of today reading about the various categories of Calcium Channel Blockers. Yesterday, I read about the evidence that the... Read More »

What was the last thing you searched for on wikipedia?