Is this question interesting?

Answer Well Seinfeld was interesting & funny-and it was about nothing.

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I haven't been keeping up with all the dates in his Baby Book =[I know the *age* (in weeks/months) of every milestone, but I didn't write down every *exact date* =[I know he rolled over for the fir... Read More »


all nonsense, don't wear a bra to bed that's just unnecessary

An Interesting Question Do you think it is right to keep the fact you are TTC a secret?

Hun, that's such a good question! In all my time on yahoo answers, I've never seen that one appear yet it's something I think about from time to time too. My husband and I are completely the same -... Read More »

Keyboard related question...interesting point to be noted!?

The original designers of the QWERTY typewriter keyboard put them there so your left pinky would get at least a little exercise. The right pinky gets exercised by drinking tea!Seriously, read this... Read More »