What is an interactive web page?

Answer The Internet is a difficult place to grab people's attention. Basic text web pages lack the style that keeps people coming back. Adding interactive elements to a Web page, like banners, hyperlinks,... Read More »

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How to Create an Interactive Web Page?

Websites that encourage users' interaction are more inviting. You can place an image upload within your site for displaying a member's personal photo, or a function for changing their page-color pr... Read More »

How to Make an Interactive Web Page?

A website that has interactive content maintains your visitors' interest. You can add interactive functionality to your page by using languages such as JavaScript and PHP. You might add forms, user... Read More »

How do you embed an interactive Excel spreadsheet into a web page?

You can publish a spreadsheet or portions of a spreadsheet on a Web page either with or without interactive functionality. When you publish without interactivity, users can view the data and format... Read More »

How to Create a Basic Flash Interactive Web Page?

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