What is an insurance producer?

Answer An insurance policy is a type of contract in which a company promises to pay an individual or business a sum of money if they experience a loss or some type of hardship. Insurance producers are ind... Read More »

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Definition of an Insurance Producer?

If you've ever purchased an insurance policy for your home, life, business, auto or health, you probably dealt with an insurance producer. Insurance producers are licensed professionals who sell an... Read More »

Can an insurance producer charge a fee Massachusetts?

An actual insurance producer can NOT charge a fee for assisting in the purchase of insurance. The only way that a fee may be assessed is if the insurance producer is actually a CFP and providing a ... Read More »

What is a primary producer?

Primary producers are organisms in an ecosystem that derive their nutrients and energy from abiotic (non-living sources). The energy and nutrients incorporated into the cells and tissues of primary... Read More »

What is a producer in a food web?

A producer is any organism that absorbs the sun's energy and converts it to food. Grasses are an example. When a rabbit (primary consumer) eats the grass, it absorbs only part of the sun's energy f... Read More »