What is an instant healing for a nose block ?

Answer Got any Tea Tree Oil? Put a few drops on a hot wet wash cloth & put it up above your nose.. Over the sinuses. It works immediately.........If not, try some hot teas,especially peppermint.. Also,the... Read More »

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Nose Piercings Healing Information?

Nostril and septum piercings heal easily if a person follows proper aftercare guidelines. A simple routine of cleaning the piercing and the jewelry each day ensures a healthy piercing site and an a... Read More »

How do I block Instant Messenger?

Click on the Start menu button on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on "Run," or if you have Windows 7, type in "msconfig" (without the quotation marks) in the Search box and press enter... Read More »

How to Block Instant Messages With Facebook Privacy Settings?

When you visit Facebook, you may automatically be logged into the website's chat box, which is also known as Facebook Messenger. This can pose a problem if you simply want to browse through your ne... Read More »

Are you a healing practitioner What is the best healing book you know of?

1) The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan, MD (anthroposophical medicine, with sections on causes of disease, and the need for animal food and healthy fats, which are amongst the BEST I have... Read More »